Remembering Bill Jacox

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June 6, 1972 — April 18, 2021

The HRS Family mourns the loss of our dear friend and colleague, Bill Jacox. Bill was an educator at heart, and dedicated his life to enriching the lives of the world around him through training and instruction.

We dedicate these words and memories as a tribute to the legacy that he leaves behind, in the hopes that we may pay homage to the one who gave his all.

Bill Jacox was more than just the Director of the Training and Education Center. He was an amazing leader who inspired me to reach for more in my career and gave me the opportunities to grow within the Department. He challenged me to take chances, to get out of my comfort level and to strive for bigger things. He gave me the coaching and positive influence that I needed to gain the confidence to do so much. He truly loved coaching, teaching, and helping his staff grow by fostering a work environment that supported us as a team. He was more than a boss; he was also my friend. Thank you for your leadership Bill, you will be missed.
— Claudio Lane

Bill Jacox will forever be remembered as a remarkable role model leader, and proud dad that will be immensely missed.
— Tamara Mabry

Bill was a role-model and the measure for the kind of person I wanted to be. He left an incredible impact on me and I only wish that I could have let him know how important he was to me.
— Johnnie Rodriguez

Although I had only known Bill for a brief time he impressed me with his  knowledge and personal strength.  I will always regret that we never fully had the chance to grow as colleagues and friends.
— James Oberst

I like to think of Bill as the resident “Coach.” He had been working on a Senior Practitioner Coaching Certification from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and we had shared our experiences of coaching programs and how to elevate the Coaching courses we taught at the TEC. I appreciated his coaching lens when supporting me in re-vamping our leadership courses.
— Maria Martens

How to Describe Bill Jacox:
Bill was Athletic – Strong, fit, and active
Bill was Caring – Displaying kindness to others
Bill was an Educator – Provided instruction or education; A teacher; Imparting wisdom, encouragement, and supportive growth
Bill was a Family Man – He loved and protected his own family, as well as his work family
Bill was Goal Oriented – He was driven by purpose to reach specific objectives and tasks
Bill was Handsome – Good looking!
Bill was a Learner – A knowledge expert with an agenda to impart that knowledge onto others
Bill was Quiet – Free from noise or uproar, a deep thinker
Bill was Self Confident – Trusting in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement to lead
Bill was Strong – Having the power to move people to their strengths and beyond
Bill was Supportive – Providing encouragement or emotional health and happiness
Bill was Uncomplicated – Simply, straightforward, ‘You get what you see.’
Bill was Unpretentious – Not attempting to impress others with appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than he possessed
Bill was ‘A Good Guy!’ – A gentleman, a great guy, respectful, polite, and considerate of one’s needs
I’m so glad Bill was a part of my life, I will miss him, ‘The Good Guy!’

— Debbie Woods

I am so grateful to have met Bill. Being the HRS Director’s assistant, my interaction with his Senior Leadership Team usually consisted of setting up meetings and trading emails. COVID-19 created the need to social distance, so face-to face meetings were chance. But there were those special moments when Bill would happen by for a quick visit. And he would politely engage in small talk that would lead to bigger conversations about work, travel and family. Although I did not get to know Bill over a long period of time, it is so easy to write about him because he always left his essence of genuineness, positivity and warmth. Bill will be missed.
— Nina Hinton

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