Marya Wright, MSW

Associate Clinical Social Worker & Volunteer Trainer

Marya Wright, MSW is a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker (#81167) with the Board of Behavioral Sciences working to obtain her LCSW. Marya is currently employed as a Child Welfare Worker II in the Dependency Investigation Unit. Marya is responsible for conducting investigations and making assessments based on the Welfare & Institutions Code section 300 regarding child abuse, neglect and exploitation based off clear and convincing evidence of risk to the child and on the legality of Court intervention.

Marya is Co-Chair of Alameda County’s Safety Organized Practice Implementation Team, a member of Equity and Inclusion Fellowship – Developing Curriculum for Alameda County Children and Family Services and on the Safety Committee – Building Safety and Natural Disaster Preparedness. Marya is a Union Shop Stewart for SEIU Local 1021 and has experience in Human Resources Contract Bargaining.

As a graduate from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work, Marya focused on Child Welfare Services and Motivational Interviewing. Marya attended California State University, East Bay and graduated with a master’s degree in social work with a focus in Child Welfare Policy and research. Marya has conducted research in Child Sexual Exploitation and Foster Care.

Marya is a lecturer at CSU, East Bay where she teaches in the Department of Sociology. Marya has been able to apply and build these skills across several leadership roles in both private and public sector organizations.

In addition to her leadership responsibilities, Marya has been responsible for training and facilitating, mentoring, coaching, recruitment and retention, consulting, program and curriculum development.


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