Porsché Brownridge

Eligibility Service Technician III, Volunteer Trainer

Porsché Brownridge is an Eligibility Service Technician III with the County of Alameda. Her role has afforded her the opportunity to educate and engage with the critically stressed populations seeking social service assistance. In doing so, she applies and builds upon her leadership skills through participation in and curriculum development of trainings, pitching and implementation of a County-wide resource, and providing services to other community-oriented volunteer efforts missioned after community upliftment.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies, Porsché also obtained her Master’s degree from Boston University. Porsché focused on Organizational Development & Behavior. Her innate ability to communicate information comprehensibly to a multitude of audiences coupled with her skill in signifying the importance of people to any and all organizations, allows her to demonstrate a strong work ethic with boundaries. Her focus on people and their strong correlation with work productivity propels her to continue to engage and educate others as a means of creating the most conducive and honest work environments through healthy work culture practices.

It is with this- that she is excited to participate as a Trainer with the Training and Education Center and is focused on igniting a desire for continuous professional development within all of Alameda County.