Developing Leaders

Essential leadership includes planning and organizing, effective communication, building and maintaining relationships, vision and strategic thinking, and results orientation. Our curriculum for leaders includes foundational leadership competencies as well as curriculum designed to help leaders enhance their ability to engage and motivate, balance creativity and risk while promoting change and coaching for performance.

Transition to Leadership: From Buddy to Boss

The transition from line employee to the role of leader is one of the most significant and challenging career steps. New leaders face new expectations, changing relationships, added responsibilities, and the need to develop additional skills. Research shows that at least 75% of all managers and leaders have not successfully made the transition. You will explore the challenges faced by new leaders and learn some of the skills needed to successfully make the transition to a leadership role.

Supervisor Development Program

The Supervisor Development Program, based on “ALCO Leadership: Moving Alameda County Forward”, a progressive, linked and interconnected multi-level training approach for Alameda County leadership.

To receive certification for this program, participants must complete six courses based on the following key leadership dimensions:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Politics & Influence
  • Inspirational Leadership & Engagement
  • Customer Centered Leadership
  • Business & Organizational Savvy
  • Ethics & Financial Accountability

People Side of Management

Focusing on the People Side of Management is a Human Resource Certificate Program for County managers and supervisors. The courses in this program provide a tactical, hands-on approach to covering countywide values, regulations, policies and processes regarding people management. It is designed to help newly hired and newly promoted managers and supervisors navigate their role by providing pertinent knowledge and skills that will help them to be successful in managing or supervising people.

Coaching for Managers

The best managers are great coaches. Are you one? Coaching helps you to develop, inspire, and motivate employees to better serve the citizens of Alameda County. The Coaching for Managers course is specifically aimed at supervisors and managers wanting to acquire foundational coaching skills to help them better support the people they manage. In addition to helping you develop coaching skills, we will provide the structure and resources necessary to give you the confidence to adopt a “coaching-oriented management style. The program involves on-line pre-work, one full-day class, and two follow-up sessions.