Leaders are made not born. Anyone can lead in an organization. All it takes is the desire to create positive impact. If you want to develop your capacity to lead, we want to help.

We’ve assembled the following developmental roadmap to help you start your leadership journey.
Assess your existing strengths, talents and leadership style.
Explore topics of high importance through books and other media.
Engage with our formal learning programs when you are ready to work with others.
Connect with people and organizations who can provide additional opportunities for professional growth and development.
Showcase your new skills and impact in real influence settings.

Use our guiding behavioral competencies (People + Strategy) to chart your development. Work to develop your capacity to lead others with purpose and vision. The proof of your progress will be in the positive results you create.

Connect with these and other programs at the ALCO Training and Education Center. Invest in yourself and your future with ALCO Leadership Programs.


Start with self-awareness

  • To Better Understand Motivation and Styles

  • To Better Understand Self and Manage Teams

  • The Leadership Compass Self-Assessment (Understanding Work Styles will Help Your Build Effective Teams)
  • StrengthsFinder (Knowing Your Strengths and the Strengths of Your Team is a Critical First Step to Improving Your Ability to Collaborate). Strength Finder is the Training and Education Center’s preferred assesment tool
  • The Leadership Challenge(Gaining Insight into Leadership Behaviors in Relation to Your Best Results)
  • The Trusted Advisor (Building Trust is Essential to Your Role as People Leader)

Stretch goal: Using one or more of your assessment results, create a mini leadership profile statement.

For example, I am a leader who, (values) _______ uses (behaviors, style, skills and competencies) _______ to create _______ (value add and positive impact for stakeholders).


Move on to informal learning

Stretch goal: Use one of the skills you learned from your informal exploration in a real setting.

For example, identify an opportunity to build trust and psychological safety in a team.


Commit to development and learn with others

    Formal Courses and Consulting Opportunities

    Stretch goal: Identify the right program for your developmental level and enroll!

    ALCO Executive Development

    Executives can contract with consultants at the Training and Education Center to develop unique in-house programs that improve team performance, engagement and organizational culture. Team Based Gallup Strengths Finder coaching is also available.

    Registration Coming Soon

    ALCO Supervisor Leader Development

    Current supervisors are invited to build their leadership capacity in our hybrid (part on-line and part virtual) Supervisor Leader Development. Self-paced on-line modules are available through our learning management system and can be accessed at any time. Supplemental virtual courses offer additional opportunities to explore this material over six weeks with other supervisors in small cohorts. The program builds core competencies in two fundamental areas: people management and strategic thinking. This program is open to those who have formal managerial and supervisory responsibility.

    Register Here for the January 10th Series


      Identify growth opportunities

      Find a Mentor

      Join a Professional HR Organization

      Join a Civil Service Organization

        Stretch goal: Identify a person or organizational affiliation that could support your growth and development.

        Make a commitment to engage in at least one developmental activity with this person or organization (i.e., arrange a coaching or mentoring session, attend a conference, etc.). If needed, approach your supervisor to ask for their support as you make progress.

        Develop & Showcase

        Practice an Elevator Pitch

        Create a Brag File

        Stay Motivated

        Coming Soon

        Set a Stretch GOal

        Set an Educational Goal

        Coming Soon

        Dream Big

        Coming Soon

        Develop or Update your Resume

        Coming Soon

        Collect Sample Project Summaries

        Coming Soon

        Create a Leadership Philosophy Statement

          ALCO Leadership Core Competencies

          ALCO leadership development programs are designed to build competencies consistent with supervisor behavioral expectations provide by the California Government Department of Human Resources.