Media and Software Training

To survive in today‚Äôs world, knowledge of computer software technology and social media is critical. Current and ongoing computer training is a must for success and growth in one’s career. Software courses provide effective and comprehensive training on a variety of necessary applications, from basic Office to advanced programming.

Technology Courses include:

Microsoft Office applications

  • Orientation to Microsoft Suite
  • Access (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Excel (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced, Pivot Tables)
  • Outlook (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • PowerPoint (Fundamentals, Advanced)
  • Project (Fundamentals, Advanced)
  • Publisher (Fundamentals, Advanced)
  • SharePoint (Fundamentals)
  • Teams
  • Visio (Fundamentals, Advanced)
  • Word (Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced)

Adobe Acrobat Pro X

  • Fundamentals
  • Advanced
  • Individual Enrollments

    Any employee struggling with technology upgrades, or working with a new software can benefit from formalized training. Basic background can heighten the learning curve dramatically. If you or any of your employees have difficulty making technology work for them, invest in technology training to increase capacity and efficiency.

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    Customize for Your Organization

    Computer training can be customized and delivered on-site for your department or organization. This can help organizations to transition to new software, or provide training that is relevant to specific job descriptions. Organizations may find better success by purchasing a customized training at an affordable group rate, rather than sending individual employees to training.

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