Reading Resolutions from 2019

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A year ago, I made a resolution to read a book a month in 2019, choosing from books I already owned. How’d I do? The bad news is that I only read six of the twelve books I picked out at the beginning of the year. The good news? I read 25 others for a total of 31 books in 2019. What did I learn from this process?

It’s good to set a goal for yourself that is doable but still requires some effort to achieve (I felt I could realistically read a book a month). It’s also fun to blow your original realistic goal out of the water! If I had set out to read 31 books in 2019, I might not have even “had the time” to get to twelve! Goal-setting can be tricky. Best to stick with realistic and then exceed it!

  • Be open to being influenced in new directions by the books you read (many of the books I ended up reading, I had never heard of when I picked my books at the beginning of the year).
  • Be open to different forms of reading like Kindle or Audible (I was able to read more because I expanded beyond a paper book in my hand).

So what’s up for me for 2020 reading goal?

I want to keep learning so I certainly intend to keep reading. I’ll commit to a book a month again and we’ll see if I can top 31 this year! I also want to explore listening to more podcasts in 2020. My favorites from 2019 include TED Radio Hour, Blanchard LeaderChat, Hidden Brain, The Happiness Lab, Team Coaching Zone, and Work Life.

Reading has many other benefits, too: 7 Reasons Why Reading is Important for Adults

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