Developing & Leading Others – Open to Internal and External Participants

ALCO Coaching Fundamentals – June 25 & 27 or August 27 & 29 or September 24 & 26 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Managing within Disability Laws & Leaves – June 6, September 12 or December 5 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Supervisor Development Program (SDP) – October 2 through November 6 (Wednesdays In-Person)
ALCO Developing the Leader in You Program (DLP) – July 24 through August 28 ( Wednesdays In-Person)
ALCO Making the Transition from Staff to Manager – June 12 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Effective Conflict Management – September 10th (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Effective Communication Skills – August 21st (Virtual Instructor Led)

Media Software – Open to Internal and External Participants

ALCO Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – August 14 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Microsoft Excel Fundamentals – June 4th, July 16th, July 25th, September 12th or September 17th (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Microsoft Excel Intermediate – August 6th, August 15th or October 3rd (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Microsoft Excel Advanced – September 26, November 14th or December 5th. (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Microsoft Teams – June 13th (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Microsoft OneNote – July 11th. (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Introduction to SharePoint – June 11th. (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO PowerPoint Introduction – June 25th. (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO PowerPoint Advanced– August 7th. (Virtual Instructor Led)

Result Orientation – Open to Internal and External Participants

ALCO Business Technical Writing – August 1 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Effective Time Management – September 5 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel – May 16 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Procurement Basics – July 10 or October 9 (Virtual Instructor Led)
ALCO Contracts Management – August 14 or November 13 (Virtual Instructor Led)

Virtual Self-Paced – Open only to Internal Employees

ALCO Set up for Success: New Supervisor On-Boarding:

ALCO Strategy Manager: Competencies of Action
ALCO People Manager: Competencies of Collaboration
ALCO Emotionally Intelligent Communication: Giving and Receiving Feedback
ALCO Staying Buoyant & Proactive During Times of Change
ALCO Emerging Leaders and Communication
How & Why I-Engage: Enhancing your Success
Leveraging Peer Coaching at Work