Team building and consulting

Our consulting services enhance the performance of individuals, teams, and departments to achieve their goals and mission. We will work with you to develop a specialized solution that supports your entire organization.

Our services include:

We customize training to increase effectiveness and cohesiveness in teams. Customization may include linking the material being taught to participants’ current jobs and adapting to varying levels of experience.
We specialize in:

  • Leadership & management programs
  • Customer service in the public sector
  • Coaching for managers
We increase engagement, collaboration and break down communication silos through learning and adapting to different styles within teams.

Our strategies include:

  • Assessing and utilizing team strengths
  • Learning functional and dysfunctional team behaviors
  • Creating team development and open communication
  • Management team building
We help create and manage meeting agendas as well as facilitate discussions and group decision making. As a result, time is used effectively to meet goals and objectives.
We facilitate:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Management retreats
  • Team meetings and retreats
  • Offsite hosting
We approach change as an opportunity for growth and development. By promoting and managing organizational change, we help organizations thrive through transitions.

We consult to:

  • Understand the nature and impact of change
  • Foster innovative work environments
  • Proactively communicate and monitor progress
We work with individuals to cultivate job excellence by choosing solutions to fit the individual in conjunction with their role and team.

We advance development through:

  • DiSC, StrengthsFinder, and 360 degree assessments
  • Individual discussion and coaching
  • Individual plans for development
We coach to build excellence and maximize leadership strengths. By providing expertise, perspective and accountability in confidentiality, we help leaders rise to new heights.

Our coaching:

  • Increases positive outcomes and effectiveness
  • Supports new leaders through role transition
  • Adapts to different levels of experience and functions

Let us know how we can meet your needs!