Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a county employee, your login information is as follows: your user ID is your county ID number and the password is the first letter of your first name (capitalized), first four letters of your last name (lowercase) and your employee ID number. If you are an external user, click on the hyperlinked text above the log in window.
External accounts become locked after some time of inactivity. Give us a call or email to have this issue resolved.

Internal accounts should typically never have this issue.

No, you will automatically have a username and password if you are a county employee. The standard log in information is in answer 1.
These trainings are almost always funded by your department if approved by your supervisor.
This issue typically only affects County employees. To resolve this, head to and click on “Employee Self Service” on the top of the screen. Then you can click on “Work Email” to make the adjustment.
If you are TAP, you can sign up for all countywide trainings on your own. For a department specific training, you will have to talk to your supervisor and have them enroll you.
It is released over a month before the start of a new quarter. To get the schedule as soon as it is published, sign up for our newsletter.
Yes, but participation in the first day is a requirement. Missing up to two days will result in an incompletion, but you can make up the class the next time it is offered.
Every student has a 15-minute window after the start of the training to come in. Any time after that will be considered a late-cancellation.

Please refer to our policies for more details.

That depends on the amount of time before a training. Please refer to our policies for more details.
Most of these classes and more are now available through ALCOLearn. The login information is different from that of our registration site, so if you need help getting started, refer to this QuickStart Guide.
Online classes are accessed through ALCOLearn. The login information is available on the login page. If you need help getting started, refer to this QuickStart Guide.
Unfortunately, we do not track completions for online classes on ALCOLearn, except for mandated training. These completions are updated on a monthly basis.

No, all our rooms are located within our only facility at 125 12th street Suite 400, Oakland. The rooms within our center happen to be named after various cities within Alameda County.

Occasionally, we do offer classes at a different locations throughout in the county.

Yes, absolutely! Be sure to note your name and the event’s name so that it is easy to guide the delivery person into your room.
We recommend parking at the Alcopark Parking Garage across the street from us at 165 13th St. The lot typically fills up at 8:00 am, however. Other alternatives are Douglas Parking, SP+ Parking, and street parking.
We recommend arriving 30 minutes before the start of your training. If you require more time to prep for your event, please contact us prior to the event to let us know.

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