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Ensuring a great job interview

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Today’s question for the Career Coach:

What can I do to ensure I have a great job interview?

The Career Coach says:

The key is preparation. Take time to research the agency/department to which you are applying.  Make sure you know what the department does and how you can add value as a member of their team.  Concentrate on developing stories that speak to your accomplishments on the job.  Interviewers want to know what impact your work had on your unit or department.  What did you accomplish?  It is not enough to speak to what you are good at, you have to justify it by telling accomplishment stories.  Use the STAR model:  Situation, Task, Action and Result.  Explain the situation, describe the task were you responsible for, the action you took to resolve the situation, and what your work resulted in for the organization.

Practice your responses to possible interview questions. There are plenty online to choose from.  Practice in front of a mirror, with your significant other or a friend.  The more you practice, the more confident you will be in the interview.

Finally, make sure you look neat and clean in your appearance.  Smile as you enter the interview room and shake hands with the interviewer(s) if you can.  Then relax.  If you are prepared, you will make an impression. Good luck!


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