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Motivation is hard. How do we stay committed in a fast-paced world?

Turns out, the way we talk to ourselves may make all the difference.

A 2010 study published in Psychological Science looked into the power of asking ourselves questions. People who asked questions showed better problem solving skills than those who made statements. They were actually more capable of solving problems and achieving goals. They also had more determination to follow-through.

What this means is that saying, “I will create a training plan for my professional development,” doesn’t do much to actually change behavior. On the other hand, asking yourself, “Will I choose to develop professionally?” and thoughtfully answering, might do quite a bit. Why the difference? It has to do with intrinsic motivation. Asking ourselves questions gives us an opportunity to decide what is truly important to us.

So next time the phrases, ‘I will…’, ‘I should…’, or ‘I have to…’ begin to fall off your lips, STOP! Instead, ask yourself, “Will I?”

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