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Why is career planning so important?

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Today’s question for the Career Coach:

Why is career planning so important?

The Career Coach says:

If you want to meet your own personal goals, you must take charge of your own career and learn to be creative in your approach to your career.

There are a number of reasons why career planning is important.

• Increased Self-Knowledge – You will gain a better grasp of your own strengths, limitations and needs. You can then better target your talents toward career opportunities that make sense for you.

• Skill Building – With a better idea of what opportunities are available in the County, you can better develop skills needed in your current, and future roles.

• Improved County Knowledge – Having a good understanding of the county and its goals will help you to best determine your career opportunities.

• Greater Career Opportunities – Focused development and planning broadens the opportunities available to you.

• Job Enrichment – Because career developments begins in your current job, you work with your supervisor to create, challenging, enriching opportunities that can benefit you currently and build skills for the future.

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