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Master’s Degree in Public Administration, A Partnership with Alameda County and Cal State University, East Bay

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The Master’s degree in Public Administration program began at Alameda County six years ago. It has been such a pleasure watching this partnership between Alameda County and California State University East Bay grow over these years. We are currently up to our seventh cohort which is a tremendous accomplishment.

Photo of employee Claudio Lane

Claudio Lane, Education Programs Coordinator

I am encouraged to see Alameda County employees invest in their futures. Pursuing an MPA degree will help them stand out as a candidate when it comes to landing a desired promotion. The commitment made by these students is nothing less than remarkable. Let’s not forget that these Alameda County employees have full time jobs and responsibilities to their families to fulfill on a daily basis, but they make the time to earn an MPA degree.

In today’s competitive work environment the bachelor’s degree is starting to become more common so having a MPA degree is a valuable credential to list on your resume. There is another important aspect in getting an MPA degree that is not often talked about, the lasting friendships and bonds that the students form with each other. These students spend two years doing group assignments and presentations together. They laugh, cry, eat and study together. Lifelong friendships are formed going through this program.

I would like to applaud the previous five cohorts that have completed the Alameda County Master in Public Administration program and look forward to graduating cohort six and seven very soon. A very successful entrepreneur said to me once “if you’re not working on your career plan, you’re working on someone else’s career plan”.

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