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Fourteen County interns convened on a summer afternoon to discuss the true meaning of embodying leadership and teamwork. These interns are graduates from the Youth Leadership Academy, a free educational program that enables high school youth to learn about local government while completing a career development and job readiness program alongside their peers.

Jerry Lew, Manager of Training and Consulting at the Training & Education Center, lead a seminar on Team and Leadership Building by introducing the intern’s to “5 Dysfunctions of Teams” by Patrick Lencioni and “Tuckman’s Group Development Theory.” Although each stage is essential to developing a team- each stage presents its conflicts.

To illustrate the theory, Jerry showed a clip of a team competing on the Food Network (not sure on the show name). It was clear from the beginning the competing team was dysfunctional. Since they did not operate as a team with a common goal, responsibilities were not delegated, compromises were not made, and the end result was a dissatisfying meal-and unhappy judges. After viewing the clip, a group discussion identified the stages of “Tuckman’s Group Development theory” to analyze where the team went wrong. By identifying the dysfunctions of the team, it was clear to recognize how fundamental a leader is. A true leader helps team members confront difficult issues, focus on a common goal, and must also be open to criticism to lead the team forward. As a leader, one must balance a mind-set of a team member and leader.

After concluding the group discussion, the interns returned the following luncheons and expressed how helpful these tools were in managing roles and conflict within the work space and in personal situations as well. With many of the interns heading to college this fall, these tools will guide them as they explore their personal and professional development. A big thank you to the Training & Education Center for empowering these future leaders and making this luncheon possible!

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