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Stay Healthy Long After the Health Expo

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Learning to take small steps in living healthy can make a big impact on your life!

Recently held at the Training and Education Center, the 2017 Alameda County Employee Health Expo brought together many vendors and departments to promote healthy living. Through the efforts of the Risk Management Unit of the County Administrator’s Office and the Employee Benefits Center, a Division of Human Resource Services, employees were able to get a first-hand experience at all the health and wellness benefits the County has to offer.

After the expo, when the swag you accumulated is tucked away in a corner of your desk, make sure to continue building a healthier lifestyle in your workplace.

Here are some quick tips to stay healthy in the workplace:

1) Avoid unhealthy office snacks
2) Drink water throughout the day
3) Make time to move during your breaks
4) Eat a healthy, balanced lunch
5) Use your vacation time!

For the complete list with explanations head over to WebMD and remember to live your best life!
image of employees at a health fair

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