Mentorship in the Workplace

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There are a handful of benefits to mentoring within the workplace highlighted in the article, “Four Key Benefits of Workplace Mentoring Initiatives,” by Julie Kantor.

  • Employees become knowledgeable and more productive.

  • Turnover rates go down, because employees can look to a mentor for guidance.

  • These employees develop leadership skills, reducing the need for outside hires.

  • Mentoring saves time by allowing employees to have solutions and strategies on the job instead of in a training program.

The Coaching for Managers class covers techniques to promote mentorship within the workplace. If you are wanting to acquire foundational coaching skills to better support the people you manage, you can find more details on the class here.

While there have been mentorship programs run through various organizations in the past, there has yet to be a countywide initiative. If this is something you’d be interested in supporting, please email with some suggestions!

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