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Our Focus your Priorities: the 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity will provide you with many valuable and useable tools. A previous course participant had this to say:

“I have been practicing making room for the big rocks every day, which makes my day feel more productive. I also have been paying attention to urgent vs. important, stopping others from trying to put their urgent matters into my schedule. I scheduled planned times to check my emails, after addressing the big rocks and urgent matters. I noticed that scheduling times to check my email made a world of a difference. I never noticed how many times a day I am annoyed by instant pop-up emails, distracting me from the important tasks I am working on. Turns out all these emails distracted me at least 40 times a day and added at least 20 additional tasks for me to deal with, mostly, if not all, unimportant to me. What a relief, mentally, to turn all of that distraction off and schedule a time to deal with it all! I had thought it was a small thing but turned out to be a major change. I now go through my emails much quicker than before.

Also, I have also been going for the extraordinary and not settling for the ordinary. This is putting more energy into my day.

Thank you very much for the training – it has made a difference.”

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