Volunteering at the Alameda Community Food Bank

Jerry Lew News

The Alameda County Community Food Bank distributes nearly three million pounds of food every month and needs volunteers to help bag and sort the food, as well as weed out any rotten or inedible pieces. Last month, the Training & Education Center decided to go help out.

Image of a collaborative meeting with the team.

Building a Better Boss

Kathy Mount News

Interactive classes in coaching, having difficult conversations and political savvy may seem like fluff to an employee trying to develop the technical know-how and hard-driving persona that will lead to promotion. But it’s exactly those people skills that make great leaders!


Coaching as a management tool

Bill Jacox News

If you’ve read any business articles in the last few years, you’ve probably come across articles that describe the manager as a coach. You may find that idea a little strange. For most of us, business isn’t a sport—it’s a way to make a living. Learn why if you are a manager, then you are a coach.


Welcome to our new site!

Beverly Fuentes News

Welcome to our new web site! We are the regional source for innovative learning and premier meeting and conference space in Alameda County. Please take a look inside.

Self-assessment: The first step to career planning

Beverly Fuentes Career Coach, News

Stop and think about how you got to where you are in your career.  Did you determine your path while still in school?  Did you take a job because it sounded interesting and paid well? Most people have a sense of what they like or are interested in, but don’t take the time to develop an actual career plan. It is important to take the time to assess yourself, or consider your strengths, interests, skills, competencies, personal characteristics, values, preferences and/or motivations.