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Does reputation really make a difference when applying for a new job within the county?

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Today’s Question for the Career Coach:

I heard that the Career Essentials course taught in the Training & Education Center has a topic on the importance of reputation at work. Does reputation really make a difference when applying for a new job within the county?

The Career Coach Says:

Reputation can be a very important factor. It doesn’t matter what your job is, a good reputation at work is necessary for promotion to a more responsible position. No matter how qualified you may be for a specific position, if you have a poor reputation, say for consistently coming to work late, it could impact your chances, because people talk. If you have a poor reputation, you are not likely to get the position.

To define it simply, your reputation consists of stories people tell about you. Take a few minutes to consider what people might say about you. For example, are you building trust in everything you do? Do you always follow through on your commitments? If you are not sure, ask your colleagues, supervisor, or friends for their honest opinion.

Reputation is usually based on behaviors. To build and maintain trust, we know we should live these high-trust behaviors and avoid the opposite behaviors.

Steven M. Covey has identified 13 behaviors that are common to trusted people. Ask yourself, which of the behaviors are your strongest? Which the weakest, and could they impact your development at Alameda County or elsewhere? Select one or two to improve. You can improve your reputation by working on these behaviors.

Trust Behaviors (Source: Franklin Covey Co.)

· Talk Straight
· Confront Reality
· Demonstrate Respect
· Clarify Expectations
· Create Transparency
· Practice Accountability
· Right Wrongs
· Listen First
· Show Loyalty
· Keep Commitments
· Deliver Results
· Extend Trust
· Get Better

When our good reputations precede us, we don’t have to sell ourselves or brag, because others are doing it for us. And there is no greater value than a positive reputation, as it can open doors for you that you otherwise never could.

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