Volunteering at the Alameda Community Food Bank

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Awarded as ‘Food Bank of the Year,’ Alameda County Food Bank strives to eradicate hunger in the Bay Area. The Alameda County Food Bank distributes nearly three million pounds Photo of TEC staff at the food bank of food every month and aims to provide over 90 million pounds of food this year. Last month, the Training & Education Center team decided to volunteer and help out.

When we arrived for our three-hour shift, we were shocked at the amount of fresh produce donated. As a team, we sorted over 4,000 pounds of pears in three short hours. While this seemed like a lot to us, it was only a small fraction of the total amount of produce processed in that time period – more than 22,500 pounds. We had a blast serving our community and our time at the food bank created a lively and engaged atmosphere within our team. I felt like I got to know my co-workers better and I did something good for my community.

Interested in pitching in? Think you and your co-workers could have a good time slinging apple bags and sifting oranges? Check out the Alameda County Community Food Bank!

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