Logging In for Class Registration

jonathan rodriguez County Programs

Every one of us frequents a variety of sites and have a handful of different passwords to keep track of. For this reason, we try to make it a breeze to log into the registration site.

For county employees, if it’s your first time going onto the site you’ll already have an account made for you with a preset username and password. The username is your employee ID number and your password is the first letter of your first name capitalized, first four letters of your last name lowercase and your employee ID number.

Employee John Smith’s username would be 12456 and his password Jsmit123456.

For non-county employees, click above the log in box to retrieve your password. If the one sent to you still does not work, call us at (510) 272-6467 and we will be happy to resolve the issue.

Our quarterly schedule for April through July is here! To log in and get enrolled, head over to our registration site here and get started!

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