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Master’s Program Alumni Recalls Her Experience

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As a proud graduate from cohort 4 of the Master of Public Administration Program, a partnership with Alameda County and Cal State East Bay; I would like to share some of my positive experiences and thoughts regarding the program. As an individual who always has had a passion for continuous learning and career advancement, the thought of obtaining a master’s has always been a goal of mine, but far away. Having a young child and working full time were challenge enough. When I started my career with the County of Alameda in 2013, I was extremely excited that the County was offering such a great opportunity for its employees to be able to earn a master’s while working full time. From my personal experiences, working a full time job is exhausting on its own, nonetheless going to school at the same time.

  • Ngoc-Oanh Nguyen

    Ngoc-Oanh Nguyen

    Cohort 4, Cal State East Bay Alumn

I have to admit, I was nervous to even submit my application and to start the whole process. I often asked myself if I would be able to juggle work, family, school and the struggles of life in general. However, after learning more about the program and having the convenience of walking across the street to class made me feel more comfortable and less nervous.

I have been working in the public for the past 10 years and it has been a great experience. I believe that my role within the government sector can make me more than just a public servant; I want to be able to be part of the leadership team that contributes to developing and carrying out the organization’s goals and objectives. The MPA program has allowed me to identify problems and create solutions using various perspectives. This is extremely important as the economy is constantly changing and technology is constantly advancing. As public servants, we need to make changes and offer services that fit the needs of the people. Along with my personal growth, the MPA program has also contributed to my career advancement; I am being given more opportunities and flexibility to apply for various positions that are in higher classifications and in other agencies.

This MPA program has allowed employees to undertake a master’s program without jeopardizing their quality of life and work. Employees are being given the opportunity to push their capabilities to the limit and achieve their personal and professional goals and objectives. One of the things I enjoyed most during my two years in the program was meeting and working with great people. We were able to share our knowledge and learn from each other. I hope that the County of Alameda will continue to offer this program and encourage all its employees to pursue their educational goals and be part of the change. I would also like to acknowledge our amazing MPA program coordinator, Claudio Lane. His helpfulness and supportive nature throughout the whole program had a huge and positive impact for us all throughout the program. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank the County of Alameda and Cal State East Bay for the opportunity to attain my Master’s Degree and the promising future of opportunities it has opened up!

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