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There was a futuristic feel to ITD Technology Summit, a special daylong event on April 6 that highlighted ways cloud-based technology solutions will make it easier than ever for County employees to collaborate and share ideas. There was also a strong overarching message: the future is now. That is because the astonishing new opportunities for sharing projects, convening virtual meetings and working in sync with colleagues exist with tools already at your fingertips.

The Summit, convened by the Information Technology Department and Human Resource Services, brought over 120 County employees together to explain many of the new tools at their disposal.

We have really gotten to the point where we can perform our work and collaborate with our colleagues anywhere, anytime. Said Chief Information Officer, Tim Dupuis in his Keynote address.

The Summit signaled a push by Alameda County to engage County employees with the more advanced features of Office 365, now that more than 7,000 of them have access to these powerful suite of applications. The event featured detailed demonstrations in the use of OneNote, OneDrive and Groups in office 365. Other Discussions focused on analyzing data with Power Bi and convening virtual meetings with Skype for business.

For those who wish to learn more about these and other technologies, the Alameda County Training and Education center will be offering courses in these topics in the coming months. For more information about those classes, go here!

Please enjoy this video courtesy of Alameda County Information Technologies Department!

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