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According to ongoing research from the Center for Creative Leadership, developing one’s leadership self-awareness is critical to one’s influence and effectiveness as a leader. We at the Training & Education Center strongly agree. In fact, opportunities and exercises to increase one’s leadership self-awareness is a critical theme in all of our leadership development classes and series:

· Developing the Leader in You: For the Aspiring and Emerging Leaders – Starts October 16 & January 10
· Team Lead Development Program – Starts September 13
· Making the Transition to Leadership: From Buddy to Boss – TBD 2019
· Supervisor Development Program – TBD 2019

For the CCL’s latest article about leadership self-awareness click here and to learn more about our leadership development classes and series click here!

4 Facts of Self-Awareness


Insights drawn from reflections on your experiences


Who you are, including natural traits, chosen ones, and core values


How others perceive you as a leader based on your behavior


How you’d like to be perceived based on aspirational traits


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