LATTE for Customer Service

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The LATTE method, originally implemented and popularized at Starbucks, is a tool used for handling customer complaints and works across many different types of customer service roles.

Here’s how it works:

When a customer presents an issue to you, use the acronym LATTE to assist them.

  • Listen

    Listen to understand the issue being presented to you

  • Acknowledge

    Show the customer that you understand their grievance by verbally confirming it

  • Thank

    Thank them for letting you know about the issue

  • Take Action

    Do what you can to resolve this issue. Take this as an opportunity to turn a customer’s bad experiencing into a positive one

  • Encourage to come again

    End on a high note and build loyalty by encouraging the customer to come back

Next time an issue is presented to you, try adapting this method.

For more customer service tools, check out our Effective Customer Service in the Public Sector course on May 12.

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