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We believe that career development is a lifelong, self-initiated and self-monitored process of career planning that involves choosing and setting personal and professional goals, and formulating strategies to achieve them. Alameda County assists your planning process by providing resources and tools. We encourage you to explore.

Our career development model:

Career awareness

Assessing values, interests, skills, strengths, and preferred work environment to set personal and career goals

Career exploration

Exploring, researching, and planning for future career paths

Career preparation

Gaining work experience, education, and training

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Ever wanted to know how to answer a tough interview question, ensure your resume receives attention, or simply figure out how to plan a career path that makes sense to you? Send in your question to us along with your contact details and you will soon get the answers to the career related issues that are concerning you. Watch this space for answers to selected questions.

  • What is your long term career goal? (4/7/2017) - Today’s question for the Career Coach: What is your long term career goal? The Career Coach says: I have a two-part answer for you.
  • Why is career planning so important? (4/3/2017) - Today’s question for the Career Coach: Why is career planning so important? The Career Coach says: If you want to meet your own personal goals, you must take charge of your own career and learn to be creative in your approach to your career.
  • Self-assessment: The first step to career planning (10/26/2016) - Stop and think about how you got to where you are in your career.  Did you determine your path while still in school?  Did you take a job because it sounded interesting and paid well? Most people have a sense of what they like or are interested in, but don’t take the time to develop an actual career plan. It is important to take the time to assess yourself, or consider your strengths, interests, skills, competencies, personal characteristics, values, preferences and/or motivations.
  • Ensuring a great job interview (10/20/2016) - Today’s Question: What can I do to ensure I have a great Job interview? The Career Coach says: The key is preparation. Take time to research, practice and learn how to communicate your past successes in any interview.