Self-assessment: The first step to career planning

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Stop and think about how you got to where you are in your career.  Did you determine your path while still in school?  Did you take a job because it sounded interesting and paid well? Most people have a sense of what they like or are interested in, but don’t take the time to develop an actual career plan. It is important to take the time to assess yourself, or consider your strengths, interests, skills, competencies, personal characteristics, values, preferences and/or motivations.

Team building success

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California Children’s Services provides case management and direct therapy services to children with complex special health care needs. Care comes from five teams in five different locations. The Training & Education Center helped those five teams to work together for more positive outcomes.


Reduce stress in 2 minutes

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Have you ever prepared immensely for an important presentation or a job interview and minutes before the event you find yourself nervous, maybe even scared? An effective trick that can help alleviate stress is to utilize Harvard’s Social Psychologist, Amy Cuddy’s power pose.

What Great Listeners Actually Do

What great listeners actually do

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Do you think you are a good listener? Most people do. This article provides terrific insights into what listening really means and offers practical tips to take your listening skills to the next level.